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Subject: Fw: [bikeMS] NEED 2 TRUCK DRIVERS!!!
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From: Craig Shapiro <CShapiro at pscufs.com> 
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 14:47:27 -0400
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Subject: [bikeMS] NEED 2 TRUCK DRIVERS!!!

We are in need of 2 drivers for this year's MS 150.  We just had 3 drop out
and I have filled 1 of those positions already.  We will need drivers
starting Friday, May 14th at 7pm  thru Sunday May 16th.  Hotel and food will
be provided.  Volunteers do not need to be HAMs but they do need a valid DL
and insurance card to prove they are safe drivers.  Submit to a background
check and a volunteer waiver.


These positions are mission critical and must be filled.  Please spread the


If you know anyone who is interested in these positions, please have them
contact me asap! 


Thank you,


Craig Shapiro

Planning Committee Member

Supply Truck & Packing Coordinator

2010 Bike MS150 "The Citrus Tour"

Cell: 267-312-7814

personal&fr_id=12560> here to sponsor me!


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