[LakelandARC] LARC Net ( 6-30-11)

george mann gwmann at verizon.net
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Might we ask the club members to determine what they would like to learn?
Net control training would be interesting to quite a few of folks.  Maybe we
could hold a simulated net for those who have never heard the net.  Also a
little National Traffic System training might also be useful.  Some of you
folks who check into Southcars or another service net might want to share
some info about a particular net. New hams might not know that nets are a
major radio activity. Nets of all types are a great learning opportunity.


Now, some of you will wonder why I, who seldom checks in to the net, I am
making this recommendation. I have a conflict on net night. I do think the
net serves an important function by enhancing the brother/sisterhood of the
local ham community.  

73 de George KJ4UW



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I would like to Apologize to the Club for having to run out at the last
minute and not being able to do the net.
I was told NO ONE picked up the net for me and that is a real shame.
Net control shouldn't be left on just a few. 
The Club needs more net control's as we all know this.
I would like to request a training on Net Control Operator for a near Club
meeting event.
73 George KI4NBE 

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