New guy on the air-waves - Introduction

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Fri May 11 06:52:19 PDT 2012


My name is Bob and I live in Zephyrhills.  I am new to amateur radio having recieved my Tech license in Sept. 2011.  I contacted (LARC)Patrick,KI4CDY in Feb to take the General exam.  On March 6th I aced the exam and shortly there after applied for a vanity call sign.  During my working career my friends always called me by my initials and finding the call n4BVO available, I ask for it.

After 4 years and a couple of months in the Navy I attended Tampa Technical Institute and came away with a degree in Electronic Communication in 1971.  I took the FCC exam and obtained a license, but never used it, and it has long since expired.

I have worked as an electrician doing residential, commercial, and finally on into the industrial field.  I also worked for Motorola, in Ft. Lauderdale, Lykes Pasco in Dade City, and finally a 28 year hitch with C. F. Industries just South of Zephyrhills.

My interest in amateur radio was sparked by an article I read where a group in California adapted VHF & UHF radio to the communication system on their motorcycles.  At last, something to take the place of CB.  I have the interface to add a dual band to my GoldWing, but the wiring is still a work in progress.

I have attended 3 of the LARC meetings and I like that the club is 'year round', and not just seasonal.  My app and dues are in the mail.

Two trips to the HamCation, Orlando in February was a costly one for me, but I now have a decent station that should last for many years.  PSK-31 is my mode of choice for the time being.  I hope to participate in the LARC 2012 Field Day where I expect to learn a lot.  Also having fun on the 2X2 RagChew most every afternoon.  Charlie, KI4CRI, does a great job and topics for discussion are endless.

Just think, in 20 years or so, I may be one of the 'old timers'.

See ya,

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