charles33813 KI4CRI at ARRL.NET
Thu Feb 7 08:12:04 PST 2013

Thanks to each and all for the most pleasant surprise Monday night.  And thanks to Patrick and Bill for the kind words.

In all fairness, we should call like it is.  The success of the 2 at 2 Ragchew belongs to about 50 or so hams (and hamettes), mostly LARC members.  Have been in various groups of very fine people in various locales over the years.  None comes to mind that equals the 2 at 2 group.  God did a mighty fine job in assembling this one.

And the range of subjects you guys and gals come up with....WOW!

Again, thanks to one and all.  Thanks for being a friend.  Thanks for tolerating me.

Looking forward to getting back to Lakeland.  To getting a stick and stirring it up - on the Chew sometimes it becomes downright aromatic.


Charley, ki4cri

P.S.  Did anyone on the Chew determine why the quarter moon on or over outhouse doors?

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