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it originates back around the start of the colonial times when most people
couldn't read or write. mens and ladies outhouses were recognizable by the
crescent moon shape for women and a sunburst shape for the men. the moon
"luna" was an ancient symbol for womankind, and the sun "sol" depicted man.
men never took care of their outhouses so they eventually stopped using
them and the women took care of theirs, so in the end the moon shape was
the only symbol put on outhouse doors.


Other info..



Outhouse door design: There is no standard for door design. The well-known
crescent moon on American outhouses was popularized by cartoonists and had
a questionable basis in fact. There are authors who claim the practice
began during the colonial period as an early "mens"/ "ladies" designation
for an illiterate populace (the sun and moon being popular symbols for the
genders during those times).[8]
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outhouse#cite_note-8>  Others refute the
claim as an urban legend.[9]
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outhouse#cite_note-9>  What is certain is
that the purpose of the hole is for venting and light and there were a wide
variety of shapes and placements employed.


hum, interesting stuff for the old heads.. (naval term; HEAD or shitter




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