Simplex Net tomorrow and More.

Robin Retzloff fdrn at
Tue Jun 17 20:58:59 PDT 2014

The Wednesday Imperial Polk County ARES Net this week will turn into a
simplex net. We will start on the repeater and the plan is to switch to the
ARES county wide VHF frequency, 147.510 MHz. Net control will need to have
other stations make calls to pick up all those on lower power. Have a paper
and pencil handy to take the information and pass it on to net control.
This skill is needed to assure that no one is missed during a disaster.
Listen closely with your squelch turned off to pick up the weak signals.
Jim has sent out a Polk ARES Google Group  message regarding his net

The former Bartow 444.950 repeater is now the Frost Proof 445.950 repeater.
I had a chance to use it and it seems to have good ears. Very Nice! Give it
a try and let us know on Google Groups how it is working.

The Emergency Preparedness Night at the Lakeland Flying Tigers Ballgame is
back on. Wednesday, July 9 is the day. More info to follow.

Hope to hear you tomorrow

Robin Retzloff AF1RE
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