Lakeland Police Department Open House

Jim Stewart w4xds at
Mon Oct 12 14:23:31 PDT 2015

This Saturday will be the LPD Open House from 1000 to 1400.  As I mentioned
at the meeting, I have two tables reserved, one for LARC and one for ARES.
Bill and I will be at the LARC table and I will do the ARES table.  It
would really be great if we could have at least one more person to help out
at the LARC table.

In addtion, we also will need at least one person to operate the VHF/UHF &
HF radios up in the LPD Lakeland City EOC - two or more operators would be
great so that it could be broken up into shifts and give someone a break.

I have one canopy coming for the ARES table and need one to cover the LARC
table - it gets hot out there and Bill and I got a little sunburned last
year, so if anyone has a canopy that we can use, please let Bill or myself
know so that we can make arrangements to pick it up.

And if you have any handouts/giveaways that you would like to donate to the
cause, please let me know.



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