LARC Repeater Status

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LARC Repeater Status


K4LKL/R, the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, LARC, Fusion repeater, is now up
and running with full digital and analog capabilities.  Those of you that
are using digital it is ready to use.  Those of you that are using analog FM
then the only thing that has changed is the addition of CTCSS activation on
your receive as well as transmit side to take away the digital noises.
Both digital and analog users should monitor their receive lights on their
rigs to tell if the frequency is already in use.  Digital users can see the
channel busy light and hit MON button to hear any other voice transmissions.
Digital users can use a few different settings to handle this task such as
AMS, Automatic Mode Select. Those of you in FM can also use your receive
light for frequency use and MON button to listen for what will sound like a
buzzing on the frequency.  That is the digital voice transmissions.
Whichever mode you are using the repeater will switch to that function
automatically.  FM in FM out and Digital in Digital out. 


This is a quick generalization of the repeater functions as they stand now.
Please forward any questions to myself or your Vice President, Matthew


Please forward direct questions to me as I am available during the day most
of the time.  Matthew should be sent an email or text message that he can
answer as his daily work permits.  He is not always able to answer his cell
phone during the day as his work keeps him busy.  



Rich Kennedy - N4ESS


Lakeland Amateur Radio Club



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