[LakelandARC] Fusion simplex frequency/10M Net

Harmon Morgan wb4omg at frontier.com
Sun Sep 18 17:50:41 PDT 2016

I was in Jacksonville, Friday night. I will be attending a Church function, every Friday night, for the next nine weeks. Will probably get home by nine. So, I should be able to make the 10M net. The only conflict, over the next few weeks is the Melbourne Hamfest. 

As to Fusion, I purchased the FT 991 primarily to use as an Intermediate Frequency for my 10 GHz transverter. When it is not being used, for 10 GHz work - which is most of the time - I will have it in the hamshack, scanning the various Central Florida Fusion repeaters and 145.61 Fusion Simplex. Yes, the GM function, which only works on simplex, is neat. Just punch GM and look at the radio, a minute or so, later and see who is on. When a callsign pops up, on the screen, I turn GM off. If you leave GM turned on, unattended, it would interfere with a conversation. 

Buddy WB4OMG

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