Proposed Pipe Organ Tour at the Polk Theatre.

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Wed Dec 6 13:59:21 PST 2017

Rich, I have permission (at the convience of the Polk Theatre) to invite 
the Radio club members to tour the Robert Morton Pipe organ installation.

This would include a short organ play demonstration program, and a tour 
of the Pipe Chambers,

  The organ has 3 manuals, plus 32 pedal notes, and well over 150 stops. 
And visitors would  have the opportunity to sit  at the console,for 
photos or to play.

This organ is a very uniqueinstrument, built in 1927 for silent movies, 
and includes all the original bells and whistle sounds used for Silent 
Movies  ( Keystone cops, Laural & Hardy etc ).

     The organ incorporates over 1400 pipes that are located in two 
chambers (each side of the stage). The system is powered by 2 blower  
motors 7.5 HP each in the basement.

The theatre 1400 seats, (including the balcony) and is classified as an 
Atmospheric theatre (with twinkle stars in the ceiling).

Do you think the club would be interested in this venture and could you, 
perhaps, coordinate the project.

The date and time would be subject Theatre managements schedules .

Should you and Peg like a pre-visit, (walk around) I have keys to the 
castle. (subject to Theatre management)


Note .. LARC Club member Bob Siegel, WA4YFN is director of organ 
maintenance.  You can also contact him.

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