ARRL WCF Presser January Newsletter

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Mon Dec 25 17:01:54 PST 2017

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and an all-encompassing Happy Holidays to
you and yours.


The ARRL WCF Presser for January 2018 is ready for your reading enjoyment.
Please take the time to read and be enlightened.  There is a wealth of
information that is contained in each issue and on the website at .  We have three ARRL sections in the State of Florida
and if you are in one of the following 10 counties then you are in the West
Central Florida Section (WCF), Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Highlands,
Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Sarasota.  One of your
best resources for information on upcoming events and happenings throughout
the area is to visit the section website and read the Presser.  


Contact you club Public Information Officer(PIO) to pass along information
that would benefit other members of the section.  Your PIO will in turn
contact me, Rich - N4ESS, Public Information Coordinator (PIC) or your
Section Manager, Darrell Davis, KT4WX.  The information will be passed along
via a press release or inclusion in the monthly Presser.  Your Section
Manager spends a great deal of time each month coordinating activities
throughout the section and making that information available via the
Presser.  Darrell's day job as well as attending college and ham radio
related activities uses up all 27 hours of his 24 hour day.  Please support
our Section Manager by reading the information he has put together and stay
informed about your section.  


See you all in the new year at one of the upcoming events.  They are all
listed on the WCF website.  Don't miss a hamfest, tailgate, convention,
conference, or local gathering because you were not informed.


Thank you all and remember to send in your monthly reports for those that
are section appointees. 


See You all in the New Year,



Rich Kennedy - N4ESS

ARRL WCF Section

Public Information Coordinator


Email: n4ess at 


Cell: 813-240-5614



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