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Bill billkodak at verizon.net
Wed Jan 4 09:25:53 PST 2017

I see what you mean. Until I get to the bottom of this please go to http://lakdlandarc.blogspot.com Once there click on the menu button to the right labeled LARC Web Site, and then on General meeting notes. You will then be brought to the correct page on Yahoo. The file you want is on top. This is a first. I will try to get it fixed.

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  I'm getting an "invalid path" error message when I invoke that URL link to the pdf file:

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  File : /General Meeting Presentations/LARC_SDR.pdf
  Uploaded by : ki4zmv <billkodak at verizon.net>
  Description : January Meeting Presentation on Software Defined Radio

  You can access this file at the URL:

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  ki4zmv <billkodak at verizon.net>

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