[LakelandARC] Amateur license plates

jtkeyz at aol.com jtkeyz at aol.com
Sat Jan 7 16:44:03 PST 2017

It does show up in a Google search and directs people to the Lake Wales  
Club site, LWRA.US.    I get email and phone calls from people  all over the 
state asking for assistance with plate purchases.  Some have  been quoted 
prices that exceed $100.  This all comes about because of very  poor training 
of workers in the tax collector's office.  At least in Polk  County most of 
the people working in the tax collector's office will not give up  and will 
finally call Tallahassee for guidance.  The local tax collectors  simply do 
not provide enough training and most employees think the Amateur Radio  tag 
is the same as a "Save The Manatee" etc. tag.
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