[LARC-CQ] Skeeter Hunt - Aug. 19th

Matthew Stevens matthew at mrstevens.net
Tue Aug 7 08:50:07 PDT 2018

 K4LKL is Skeeter # 129

I see that we have a substantial LARC contingent in the roster now :-)

- Matthew

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 9:30 AM, Matthew Stevens <matthew at mrstevens.net>

> I made the reservation for the pavilion this morning. Thanks to everyone
> who contributed towards the rental! Some information:
> Remember this is a QRP event. That means 10w on SSB and 5w on CW.
> There are picnic tables, and a charcoal grill. You are welcome to bring
> snacks or lunch/dinner if you'd like. I'll bring along a flat of water
> bottles to share, anything beyond that is up to you!
> There are bathrooms a short distance from the pavilion. There is a paved
> walkway between the parking lot (where the bathrooms are located) and our
> pavilion.
> Preferably, no antennas in the trees. While the rangers have never given
> me any trouble at Colt Creek for hanging small diameter wires in the trees,
> since we are likely to have a bunch of antennas up, it would be best if you
> brought some kind of self-supporting antenna. I'll be using an 80m end fed,
> with a 20' fishing pole for support.
> I am planning to get there around 12-12:30 after church. I will be paying
> for the reservation when I get there - so if I'm not there yet, you can
> just go ahead down to the main pavilion area on Lake Mac. We are in the
> first non-enclosed pavilion on the west side of the lake, "Snowy Egret" I
> think it's labeled. Here's a map:
> I've also registered the club call for the contest. You are welcome to use
> it (as long as someone else is not on that band already), or register for
> your own skeeter number. Info on registering, rules, and the contest
> exchange can be found at http://www.qsl.net/w2lj/
> Directions to the park can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/MEtGqKsJnc62
> 73, and see you on the 19th!
> - Matthew
> nj4y
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