[LARC-CQ] Unbuilt uBitx kit for sale

Matthew Stevens matthew at mrstevens.net
Wed Aug 29 07:14:07 PDT 2018

I have an unbuilt uBitx kit for sale, it’s still in the box. I bought it earlier this year, but with everything else going on just don’t have time to put it together and tinker with.

I paid $119 for it. $100 and it’s yours, I can bring it to the meeting on Monday.

It’s a neat little Arduino based 10w, HF all mode radio. There are tons and tons of mods you can do to it, enabling various functions and improvements. If you’re into arduino, the sketches for the firmware are available online, and you can program it yourself to enhance its function. Good for experimenters with time on their hands - which I am lacking :-)

It also will work fine right out of the box, with some minimal assembly. You have to hook up the screen and ardiuono controller, the RF board is already assembled. You can mount it in the enclosure of your choice, or just leave the board open for tinkering


- Matthew nj4y

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