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Good evening all,


Just want to let you know that my DMR Repeater, N3OS, is on the air in Dade City. I have it up and running as of this afternoon. Frequency is 442.375 +. I have quite a few talk groups on it and they will probably be in a state of flux for a few weeks as kinks get worked out with the bridge. For now you can go with Local 2, FL State-Wide, SE Region to get you started.


Be sure to send me an email when you get on the machine and let me know the power, ht/mobile/base and the location you got into it from. I'd like to have a good idea of the coverage. Only running twenty watts so as to not tax this old 8300... Hope it works for you.


So far K4CBN, W4VCO, KA4LAO, K4VLP and myself have been on the machine. First two were south near Lakeland, KA#LAO was on SR 50 west of US 98. and K4VLP and I are right near the repeater.


Looking forward to hearing from all, and please share with those wanting DMR out here...




Gary - N3OS


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