New mailing list to replace Yahoo group

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Fri Mar 2 22:18:02 PST 2018

Hi folks,

 Due to the plethora of problems experienced in recent months with the Yahoo groups infrastructure, a mailing list has been setup to facilitate the LARC membership communication which will replace this Yahoo group in the coming months. It is highly recommended that you visit this page to subscribe:


 All of the information about the list is on that page, including the new email address to which you'll send messages to reach the other list members <cq at mailto:cq at>. Please take a few minutes today and subscribe to this list.

 More information will be coming soon regarding the sunset of this group. In the mean time, please subscribe to the mailing list and start posting your discussions there. While we believe we have a sane configuration in place for the mailing list, there may still be tweaks required as we pick up steam so please be patient while we work out the kinks.

 Mike, KT2T

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