Update on mailing list and sunset of this Yahoo group

kt2t at arrl.net kt2t at arrl.net
Wed Mar 7 09:23:59 PST 2018

Hi folks,

 Just an update for you. If you haven't yet, please go subscribe to our "CQ" mailing list here:

 http://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.org http://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.org


 Once there, look for the "Subscribing to CQ" section and input your email address, name (optional), and a password to manage your subscription. I know that it can be a pain to manage ever more passwords, but it's required for the mailing list management software.

 I have been working feverishly to archive the messages from both our general membership (this one) and board of directors Yahoo groups and have had yet more issues with Yahoo Groups. It seems that even though both groups were started in 2005, I can't access any messages older than 2007 in this group, and no older than 2010 in the board of directors group. This is just crazy. The fact that so much of our history is seemingly lost to the ether is typical of the issues that have cropped up with Yahoo Groups over the past few years, and the fact that Yahoo doesn't offer any support for Groups is just another reason to move to a platform we manage ourselves.

 I have also archived all of the files we have stored on both groups over the years and am working on integrating that file storage into our web site at https://lakelandarc.org https://lakelandarc.org , including linking the monthly meeting minutes and presentations into month-specific pages. This will end up being much more organized and accessible, but it's a lot of work so please be patient with me.

 Very soon, this group will no longer exist but no date has yet been defined. Once a date is defined then I'll post that here as a final closing message for the group. Please take this opportunity to sign up for the mailing list that's replacing this group at:

 http://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.org http://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.org


 Thanks for your support!

 Best regards,
 Mike, KT2T

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