[LARC-CQ] kit building group

Matthew Stevens matthew at mrstevens.net
Wed May 9 13:23:05 PDT 2018

At the meeting the other night, I passed around a couple of sign up 
sheets for additional LARC activities.

One was for a kit building group. Four people filled out their 
information showing an interest - KK4BMI, KK4ITX, AB4XK, and N4HCZ. This 
is something I have much less experience with than the other, qrp-ops 
group. What I am asking is twofold:

1) Are there other members besides those 4 who would be interested in 
forming an informal builders group?

2) Is there any one of you who is at least semi-experienced in building, 
and would be willing to spearhead an effort to help other people along 
and learn?

What I had in mind doesn't have to be specifically radios, but maybe 
antennas, tuners, keyers, anything really. Maybe start off with 
something relatively simple and inexpensive, like the Rockmite 
http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=RM4, or qrp-guys kits https://qrpguys.com/

This is something I would like to participate in myself! However, I do 
not have the experience with building or (more importantly) enough time 
to devote to leading and organizing the group properly. If someone 
volunteers to head it up, I am more than willing to help out in any way 
that I can, and I'm sure others would join in.

One of the comments I  hear often is that newer licensees don't always 
get the technical training that was once required to become a ham. Here 
is your chance to make a difference, and help newer guys (like me!) gain 
that kind of hands on experience.

Any takers willing to be our kit-building elmer?


- Matthew nj4y

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