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Dr. Al will be leaving us in a few days. He will be relocating to Naples to
be closer to family. Of course we can still stay in contact through email.
You might want to make note of the email address he will be using:
apsent2000 at gmail.com.

His new living quarters and man cave are a bit smaller than what he has had
in the past. This requires disposing of the kind of stuff we all collect
over the years. The good news for those of us who are still collecting is
that we can find a bargain and at the same time help the club. All proceeds
from the sale of these items will be donated to the LARC.

Items for sale can be broken down into two main classifications: books and
parts. It was not possible to get all the parts in one photo, so you will
have to wait until our upcoming hamfest at Revolution Church to see
everything. The following pictures should give you some idea.

The bags in the foreground contain assortments of capacitors ranging from
one picofarad to several microfarads. There is an assortment of knobs,
including a few gear driven ones. There are several headsets, a sound card,
and a graphics card. Lots of computer cables, and a couple of USB port

[image: teaser1.jpg]

The books can be broken down into those pertaining to electronics, radio,
computer programming, and mathematics. Perhaps the most interesting
collection is the selection of ARRL Radio Amateur’s Handbooks from 1948 to
the present. If you ever wanted to own some nostalgic memorabilia, this is
your opportunity. I will have some but not all the books for sale at the

I look forward to seeing you there. Bring quiet money. :-)

Bill KI4ZMV Secretary
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