[LARC-CQ] LARC is now EchoLink capable!

Lakeland Radio lakelandarc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 10:00:14 PDT 2019

*Get ready for Echo Link!*

The LARC repeater now has EchoLink capability. So why should you care? Here
are some of the benefits that await you:


   You are cruising around town and would like to join in on the Wednesday
   rag chew, but you don’t have your HT with you, or you have it, but are out
   of range. Connect to the Lakeland repeater using EchoLink using your
   smartphone. EchoLink will make your phone function just like an HT.

   One of your good friends is a snowbird. He is also an EchoLink user. If
   he is logged on, his call sign will show on the list of active nodes, and
   you will be able to contact him by simply clicking on his call sign.

   Another friend travels a lot. He would like to stay in touch with folks
   here in Lakeland. As long as he or she has Internet access on their
   smartphone, and EchoLink software, EchoLink will allow them to monitor and
   transmit on our repeater from anywhere in the world.

   You wonder what it would be like to chat with a ham in another state or
   even country. You have only a Tech License, making HF contacts both very
   limited and problematic. With EchoLink you can do this. You are free to
   roam the world.

If any of these capabilities interest you, and you are a smart phone user,
you will want to visit http://www.echolink.org/faq_android.htm, for Android
users, or http://www.echolink.org/faq_iphone.htm
<http://www.echolink.org/faq_iphone.htm> for iphone. There you will receive
instructions on how to download the free app. You must download, install
and run the app first. Next, because this service is for ham radio
licensees only, you will have to verify that you hold a valid license. This
requires authentication. The authentication process is straight forward.
Just follow the instructions.

If EchoLink is new to you, you will have a lot of questions. (Here Google
is your friend. Try Googling Echolink and possibly some key words like
smartphone.) In the near future I will be publishing a list of EchoLink
Elmers. If you would like to volunteer as an EchoLink Elmer, please let me
know, and I will add your name to the list.

Bill KI4ZMV billkodak at verizon.net

PS Making this all happen was no small thing. Many thanks are due to the
persistence of Rich N4ESS, James W4XDS, and Don W3LR of the Zephyr Hills
Amateur Radio Club

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