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Greetings all, just wanted to send out a quick note detailing some changes
that have been made and new things to come to DMR in Polk County and
surrounding areas. First off, some contention has been occurring on my
444.275 Polk City repeater between FL Statewide 3112 and Local 2 as they
were both on TimeSlot 2. This has been resolved by moving FL Statewide 3112
to TimeSlot 1. As such please update your codeplugs to reflect this change.

I am also working on adding a couple additional repeaters to the area.
Soon, my good friend (KG4RPH) Robs' analog machine on 442.450 that is
located high atop the Citrus Tower in Clermont will become a DMR repeater.
The second machine that is in the planning stages will likely be located
somewhere in the southern half of the county. My 444.850 analog machine
currently located at my QTH in North Lakeland has been converted to DMR and
will be relocated once a new southern location is nailed down. All three
machines will be part of the Lakeland Local 2 area talkgroup.

Lots of things are changing right now and I don't have all of the
information posted but I hope to have the DMR-MARC page updated soon. If
you have any questions regarding Talk Group availability please send me an
email and I will get back to you asap. If you know of someone I have not
included on this email, please feel free to forward this on to them.


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