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Some time ago I was looking for help with learning CW, looking for a local Elmer but found no one for a coach....... last December I tried SKCC http://www.skccgroup.com/member_services/beginners_corner/
and then all the lights came on !!

I joined the no charge group (Nbr: 19,567) and discovered thousands of operators around the world ready to help me learn and have a QSO too.  Their website and overall organization seems flawless. QRS (slower Code) is no problem as many are in your boat too.

I’m not sure if the link above will get you to the Beginners Help if you’re not a member but since it does not cost anything you might as well sign up.  Outside of the ARRL this may be one of the largest groups of Hams in the world.

Ya!, this is a Straight Key Group (SKcc) but you can use any gear that forces you to make the Dits and Dahs with the correct spacing....... so a Cootie, Paddle or even others that you can adjust to mimic a SK........ just no automatic stuff.

CW is a fun aspect/mode of Ham Radio that used to be a requirement to earn your Ticket and it kept many folks back from their license, today many enjoy CW because it is just plain fun to be able to communicate with less power over longer distances in terrible conditions with just a “dit” and a “dah” !!

Check out the CW Page on the ZAARC.org website for more info as we dig deeper into the  wonderful world of CW, QRP, Parkpeditions, SOTA and much more. I never realized the real breadth of the CW community, it is unmatched by light years of any other Ham Radio mode , bar none.

Perhaps in the Fall we can get a local CW Net/Ragchew on HF ? 



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