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Mon Jun 10 07:14:10 PDT 2019

This is a busy time of year. Stay up to date by visiting the Blog. There
have been several additions in the last two days.

   1. Two net controllers were kind enough to submit their logs, and they
   have been posted
   2. You should read the entry on last months general meeting. Some good
   information as well as photos from the event.
   3. Read a heartfelt note from a grateful widow, thanking thanking  the
   many club members who helped her dispose of her husbands ham radio gear.
   4. Field day is just around the corner. You will find details on this on
   the Blog.
   5. Finally, there will be a celebratory dinner after Field Day. Again,
   you will find all the details on the Blog.

Finally, if you have not signed up for the clubs official email, please do
so. It is easy. Simply visit
and enter an email address and password.
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