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 FYI - The 2019 State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida is looking for volunteers to participate as judges in this year's event on March 27th at the RP Funding Center here in Lakeland. If anyone has interest in participating as a judge you may register on their website at https://ssefflorida.com/judging/ . I believe the student age groups are grades 6-8 and 9-12.
Just passing this along to our club membership since the event chair has put out a last minute call to meet their number of needed judges.
73,Ed - N2TE

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 Judging is the mostimportant aspect of our three day event! We have 850 Finalists registered to compete at the 64th StateScience and Engineering Fair of Florida. These Projects need to be judged in ashort period of time.  Your presence isvital to the success of this competition. Whether you are new to us or a veteran Judge, we appreciate your volunteer commitment to thisimportant day – Wednesday, March 27th. We realize the effort to travel and that giving up one or two days is acall to duty above and beyond!  We thankyour employers and family for allowing you to be part of this annual event.

We are at our veryminimum for Judges needed and truly need 30 more Judges.  Ifyou cancel or do not show up then we need even more Judges!!  Last year we had 40 registered Judges fail toshow up.  This puts a “kink” in ourprocess and costs us needed dollars for food/parking.

We are in need of additional Judges in thefollowing areas: please let your colleagues know what a great experience thisis!  Register at https://ssefflorida.com/judging/. Judges listed in Program will be finalized Friday, March 8th


If you are a teacher/educator, parent, mentor, etc.involved with any of our Finalists, PLEASE advise me of any "conflicts of interest" you may haveregarding a Category/Section you should NOT be Judging by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6TH. (Please do not assume I already know yourconflict.  I need documentation from youin an email. Thank you)

Judges are to have no personal or professional involvement with anyFinalists they will be judging nor are they to make themselves available tothese Finalists during the scheduled Judging time.  

We are completing our Judge Teamassignments and finalizing food arrangements so please contact me if you areunable to attend if an emergency should arise. 


I herebyacknowledge that by submitting this application, I agree to serve as a judgefor the 2019 State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida. I agree to act in apositive and ethical manner in which each student encountered is treated fairlyand respectfully. Privileged information or ideas that are obtained through myvolunteer service will be kept confidential by me and I will not use suchinformation or ideas nor disclose such information or ideas to third parties. Iagree to disclose all conflicts of interest resulting from direct competitive,collaborative or other relationships with any of the students and to recusemyself from judging in such circumstances. I acknowledge that I agreeto protect all SSEF participants from harassment and sexual harassment byanother SSEF participant or other person for any reason including, but notlimited to: age, national origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexualorientation, marital status, disability, ancestry and/or veteran status andunderstand the FFFS’s responsibility to investigate such claims. In conclusion,I agree to notify the Chair of Judging immediately if I become aware of anycircumstance that would potentially compromise my ability to attend the eventor evaluate finalists' projects.


Student Finalists overwhelmingly say that the mostsignificant interactions that they have at the fair are with the judges.Likewise, judges find their discussions with these outstanding students to be apositive and uplifting experience. The objective evaluation of projects by ourJudges is the most important aspect of the fair.

Arriveat the RP Funding Center by 8:00 AM to receive your Judging Packet

If youare a former SSEF of Florida or ISEF Finalist, please see me for an SSEF Alumniribbon

Reportto your Judge Team Table, introduce yourself, and begin to look over theAbstracts and familiarize yourself with the projects your Team will be Judging(a continental breakfast is available)

Informyour Judge Captain if you have any conflicts of interest – students, mentees orchildren participating in the Fair

Payclose attention to instructions from the Judging Chairperson – Bill Herschleb

At 8:45the Judging Captain will assign the Projects you are to Judge during Round 1using a matrix we provide with the actual list of Projects on the floor of theExhibit Hall – this will divide the projects evenly among the Judges on yourTeam.  (The plan is that each Project is Judged by at least 3Judges from your Team during the 1   st Round)

Make aplan, based on the number of Projects assigned, for how long you can spend ateach project (9:00 – 11:30 AM)

Returnto your Team with completed notes/forms and be prepared to collaborate anddiscuss the Projects you Judged

Allmembers of the Judge Team should participate in the discussions

Keepthe Finalists as your prime FOCUS for the day and be respectful of all opinions


Again, on behalf of the Florida Foundation forFuture Scientists, and the Finalists, thank you for your dedicated interest andsignificant professional contribution to STEM - science, technology,engineering, and math education. We know that this will be the MOST REWARDINGexperience you have ever had.

We are completing our Judge Team assignments andfinalizing food arrangements so please contact me if you are unable to attend ifan emergency should arise.  If possible,please try to find a replacement.

You may view the Judging Scheduleand our Judging Policiesand Procedures   online   





Nancy Besley, Executive Director

Florida Foundation for Future Scientists

State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida

nancybesley at gmail.com 





Focusing on building capacity for leadership and involvement!

Nancy Besley, ExecutiveDirector

Florida Foundation forFuture Scientists

State Science andEngineering Fair of Florida

P.O. Box 67

Goldenrod, FL 32733



  Twitter:  @FloridaSSEF

64th State Science andEngineering of Florida

STEM Competition

March 26 - 28, 2019

The RP Funding Center,Lakeland, FL
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