[LARC-CQ] Tonight's (S-L-O-W) CW

John Leahy jleahy00 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 13 07:54:40 PDT 2019

Tonight (10/14) there are two events for slow CW Ops or for those who want to help others learn the skill.
(1) 5wpm or less group every Sunday at 8pm EST on 7.045, no power limits except those imposed by your license !

JOIN THE    SLOW  CW NET (5wpm or less)

Sorry but, that's all I know about this event...…. lifted it from a website and will confirm it on Netlogger tonight.

(2) Four States QRP Second Sunday Sprint (SSS), (8-10pm EST) 

Second Sunday Sprint -
Occurs on the second Sunday of each month, 7 to 9 PM Central
Any mode, any band (except WARC & 60 mtrs) -
   - Suggested frequencies: standard calling freq. plus 7122 and 3564 (CW),and 3985, 7285, and 14285 (SB).   
as well as the usual QRP watering holes.
For additional Info:  Four State QRP Group   REMEMBER QRP is 5w CW and 10w SSB.

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Four State QRP Group

Four States QRP Group



At least give a listen to either or both of these events UNLESS you have family time scheduled.

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