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As of today, this is the slate for our November election.


President Mike Shreve

VP John Sandford

Secretary Open

Treasurer Todd Springer



   Geoff Shuck

   Jim Stewart

   Glenn Culler

   Rich Kennedy

   Matthew Stevens

   Mike Oliver

   Bill Johnson

   David Zdanowicz

At the October meeting members will have the opportunity to nominate
additional candidates. Names must be submitted to Chairperson Aimee before
October 18th. She will make this clear in her presentation at the October

One position remains open, that of Secretary. This is a very important
function. I say this, not because I have served as secretary for the last
six years, but because of what the secretary’s function brings to the club.

According to our bylaws:

*The Secretary* shall keep a record of all meetings of the club and the
Board and of all meetings of which a record shall be ordered by the club.
He (She) shall have charge of the correspondence, notify members of
meetings, notify new members of their membership in the club, keep a roll
of members of the club with their addresses and carry out such other duties
as are prescribed in these By-Laws.

*Quoting** Woody Allen, "80 percent of success is just showing up" * *There
is a lot of truth in this statement. **The secretary has to show up at both
general as well as board meetings. At the general meeting to manage the
club’s projector, and get copies of the presenter’s talk, if available, to
publish on the club’s website. At board meetings, t**o take** notes, and
summarize discussions in bullet form for later publishing to the
membership. **In a real sense, the secretary is the voice of the board, and
the information channel to the general membership. *

*Most of you know that I publish the club’s blog. This is **not** the
secretary’s responsibility. **Relax, the secretary only needs to keep t**he
Blogmaster** informed of upcoming events so they can be put on the blog. *

*As secretary you will have to deal with name badges. This involves getting
the name and call sign o**f** new members from the Treasurer, and emailing
them to a vendor. *

*As secretary you will visit the club’s PO Box on a regular basis to
collect the mail. *

*As secretary you will maintain and archive club records. These are
currently organized by year in four plastic hanging folder tubs. *

*To summarize, t**he minimum s**kill set **required **to perform as
secretary includes basic computer skills like creating documents, and
sending emails. **The need to take notes and summarize them in written form
**was already mentioned**. **I**f not familiar with uploading files, the
candidate for secretary m**ust** be willing to learn how to perform this
task. **You will need a computer, and most likely have to download **and
install **some free software to accomplish this. **Help **will be
provided **during
the transition period. *

*If after reading this, you think this might be a way for you to both
contribute as well as give back to the club, please contact either Aimee or
myself. If you **think, maybe, but **are unsure, I will b**e happy to** w*
*alk** you through the procedures before you commit. *

*Bill Johnson Secretary*

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