[LARC-CQ] Fwd: [FCG] Bogus Email from Chris Plumblee Florida Contest Group

Mike Oliver, KT2T m at fifo.io
Mon Jan 13 23:14:37 PST 2020

Hi folks, just a PSA to inform you of a phishing attack against amateur 
radio organizations (at least). Please do not respond to these emails. Many 
of us in the LARC have seen the same email seemingly authored by Mike 
Shreve, our president, but it's a scam. Not only is LARC and FCG being hit, 
but also is PCARS and NFDXA, at least.

Keep your guard up...

Best regards,

--- Forwarded message ---
From: NN4TT Dave nn4tt1 at gmail.com
Date: January 13, 2020 14:39:43
Subject: [FCG] Bogus Email from Chris Plumblee Florida Contest Group
To: fcg new FCG at groups.io
CC: W4WF Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com

> All,
> Just received a fishing email with Chris' name on it. DO NOT respond as it 
> looks to be nothing but a bogus fishing expedition.  If for some reason 
> it's legit, I apologize....
> 73/OJ
> Dave
> Text below....
> Hello David
> Are you available? I need your assistance as I am out of the State,I would
> have called your phone number but presently I do not have access to my
> mobile and I need you to kindly handle this:Florida Contest Group needs
> some gift cards for donation to Veterans at Hospice Care and welfare with
> patients and units across the state.Thanks
> *Chris Plumblee*, W4WF
> President
> Florida Contest Group

Mike Oliver, KT2T
(sent from mobile; please excuse brevity)

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