[LARC-CQ] CQWW VHF contest this weekend

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That's awesome! Good luck

Jimmy Russ

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On Jul 16, 2020, 10:58 AM, Matthew Stevens via CQ wrote:

> I’ll be on top of Buck Bald, in EM75ue, competing as single op all-band QRP. I’m limited to 10w output on both 6 and 2m. I get two points per qso on 2m, 1 point per qso on 6m, and grids are multipliers. I’ll take all the qsos I can get! The contest starts Saturday, July 18, at 1800UTC, and ends Sunday the 19th at 2100UTC.
> My plan is roughly as follows:
> 2m:
> 7 element innovantenna at 20’
> I’ll mostly be using ft8 on 144.174, calling 1st sequence. The sequence may change, as I think I’ll be doing more search and pounce than CQing.
> Every so often I’ll switch over to 144.100 to call and check for ssb signals. I did not bring a cw key, but I am going to try out some software to send cw in case someone wants to try. If nothing else I can whistle into the mic 😀
> We can’t use the FM calling frequency during the contest, nor repeaters. But, I’ll be monitoring 146.55 for local contacts, so if you have time and can’t try one of the other modes, give me a call on .55!
> 6m:
> M2 6m3ss at 25’
> Basically the same as 2m, mostly ft8 on 50.313, occasionally checking 50.125 and the ssb band for signals. I’ll try some msk144 for scatter contacts, but I don’t have much hope there with only 10w.
> Only one signal is allowed on the air from my station at a time, so if you call me and I don’t answer right away, give me a minute as I may be trying to complete a qso on another band.
> You can see the rules for the contest at https://cqww-vhf.com/rules.htm.
> - Matthew nj4y
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