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William Johnson billkodak at verizon.net
Mon Mar 9 12:41:57 PDT 2020

Nice Job Ren. I will bring a copy of your email to the meeting this 
evening. Never hurts to add something positive. :-) I hope we can get 
something going like you have suggested.


On 3/9/2020 11:34 AM, N.A. "Ren" Monllor, KG4BAS via CQ wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Bill emailed me on Friday asking me for my thoughts on holding a class 
> over the internet on subjects like *Morse Code, Soldering, Antenna 
> modeling and tuning*, things related to Amateur Radio. Well, I thought 
> that it would be a great idea, considering a question came up on one 
> of the forums I belong to inquiring about, a place where a kit builder 
> would learn*how QRP transceivers actually work, "what do the 
> components actually do?*" Many responses came back and I checked out 
> links and books, as this topic has often crossed my mind.
> I'm a kit builder and (very modest) homebrewer/tinkerer. I'd like to 
> understand WSPR and learn how to use it. Maybe a class....  I got into 
> ham radio thanks to my elmer Joe Pirkle - AD4IH. He ran classes for 
> *Tech, and General licensing* on weekends. I sure wish classes like 
> that were still available to club members and "could be" club members. 
> I know the Tampa and Villages club hold classes. Maybe we could also....
> I did inquire with the public library and they said use of the rooms 
> would be free to the club, of course we'd have to coordinate, but 
> that's normal.
> So if there is anything Radio related that you would like to learn or 
> get training on please, let me know and I'll see how we could get this 
> going.
> Email me at:
> nmonllor at tampabay.rr.com
> with:
> "Radio Classes" in the subject line.
> Thank you all and be well,
> Ren
> QRP-ARCI#14308
> NAQCC #4880
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