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John Leahy jleahy00 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 07:56:34 PST 2020

I have attached a portion of the conversation (one sided) between the ISS and the River Ridge HS in New Port Richey this AM (3/3/2020).  I have cut out most of the static (during question period from the students) to shorten it up and make it more pleasant to listen to.
This QSO was received using my 2m/440 Vert base antenna and my FT-8900 radio.  Recording was made using Audacity and edited with the same program and then saved in MP3.
Enjoy, there are some great answers to the questions...……….  you are encouraged to share the MP3 file and or post it on your website, just please give recognition to the ISS and the school.

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