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Mike Oliver, KT2T m at fifo.io
Sat Mar 14 18:38:58 PDT 2020

On 2020-03-15T00:50:29+0000, John Leahy via CQ wrote:
> Bill,
> I attempted to sign up again but of course I already had so I was
> rejected as a newbie...……. so my question is why are my messages not
> sent through in a timely manner ?  There must be a box to check to
> allow messages to post without review and while I appreciate having a
> tight message system in order for it to be relevant and useful but too
> tight means really slow communications.
> Anyway ALL Hamfests that I know of in my area are now cancelled.
> 73,
> JohnKK4ITX 

Hi John,

I'll keep a close eye on the cq@ list admin page for emails sent by you.
Two things...

1. You're subscribed using jleahy00 at yahoo.com so all email to the list
must come from that address. Email from another address will be queued.

2. Email sent to an address other than the list address will be queued,
so if the cq@ list is bcc'd then the message (by default) will be queued
until reviewed. This is the default configuration of mailman, per:


If this indeed turns out to be the problem then there is an option to
change to accept such messages, but if disabling this default behavior
has a negative impact to the operation of the list then it will be
restored to the default configuration.

Best regards,
Mike, KT2T

Mike Oliver, KT2T
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