[LARC-CQ] New Event

J Leahy jleahy00 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 06:20:06 PDT 2020

There is a new event being promoted for the 1st weekend in Oct.  Some of the key takeaways from this event are quite different from most others:

* Operate from QTH or Portable (Portable has multiplier)
* Low Power gets a handicap  multiplier based on mpw (miles per watt)
* This is a 48 hour event but you can only work (your choice) 8 hours
* Multipliers (2-1) for Mode: SSB-CW-Digital, in that order higher to lower
* Actual prizes from MFJ and Heil, probably others also

It looks like the sponsoring group is still working on the final details, see the website below to keep updated.

It sure sounds different.  Oddly the weekend selected is also the Peanut Power event which is a very popular QRP undertaking by the North Georgia QRP Group.




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