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Yes, I received that too.  I also received the same email last year when I submitted by log!


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Just got this back, from the ARRL. Don’t think I got anything like this, last year.  -  Buddy WB4OMG / W4TJM




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Thank you for your participation in the 2021 Field Day event. ARRL staff have processed your entry. Your confirmation number is 4434680. A summary of your submission is provided below for your review. If you have any questions about your entry, please contact the Contest section at  <mailto:fieldday at arrl.org.> fieldday at arrl.org.


If you would like to enter soapbox comments or upload photos of your Field Day activities, please use the link below.


 <http://contests.arrl.org/contestsoapbox.php?call=w4tjm&id=4434680> http://contests.arrl.org/contestsoapbox.php?call=w4tjm&id=4434680




Entry posted at: 2021-07-20 15:49:07


Call Used: W4TJM    GOTA Station Call: (NONE)    ARRL/RAC Section: WCF    Class: 1D


Participants: 1    Club/Group Name: Lakeland Amateur Radio Club


Power Source(s): Commercial


Max power: 100


Power Multiplier: 2X


Preliminary Total Score: 1,236


Bonus Points:

  W1AW Field Day message                          100 - Documented by credit_nofile

Total bonus points                                100


Score Summary: (Cabrillo log/dupe sheet file: credit_nofile)

                  CW  Digital  Phone  Total

  Total QSOs    284      0      0

Total Points    568      0      0    568  Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 1,136


Submitted by: Harmon P Morgan, WB4OMG   <mailto:beamar at aol.com> beamar at aol.com




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