[LARC-CQ] RFI CW AM Broadcast Band

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-------- Original message --------From: Jerry Crawford via CQ <cq at lists.lakelandarc.org> Date: 7/30/21  10:32  (GMT-05:00) To: cq at lists.lakelandarc.org Cc: Jerry Crawford <K7UPJ at aol.com> Subject: Re: [LARC-CQ] RFI CW AM Broadcast Band I am in Polk City and have not heard it on my Icom or car radio.  I will try again and tune a little off frequency.73,JerryK7UPJPolk City> On Jul 23, 2021, at 9:58 AM, George Mann via CQ <cq at lists.lakelandarc.org> wrote:> > Several mornings, today too around 9 AM I am hearing CW coming through on 540 AM. It is hard to copy as there is some roughness on the signal and no beat frequency to make a note. It seems to be at about 13-15 WPM sending possibly code practice or letter group. Today the letter T was sent in several strings along with other letters.> Listen and report if anyone else hears this. I'm sure the station would like to know. Comments please...> 73 de George Mann KJ4UW Polk City> _______________________________________________> CQ mailing list> CQ at lists.lakelandarc.org> http://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.org> Unsubscribe: <mailto:cq-lakelandarc.org-unsubscribe at lists.lakelandarc.org>_______________________________________________CQ mailing listCQ at lists.lakelandarc.orghttp://lists.lakelandarc.org/listinfo.cgi/cq-lakelandarc.orgUnsubscribe: <mailto:cq-lakelandarc.org-unsubscribe at lists.lakelandarc.org>
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