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You can call the ARRL and the operator will refer you to one of the people in the lab.  They will provide you with contact information for the FCC and advise you how to proceed.  Grab a paper and pen to take a few notes to proceed at a later time.  I know a ham that contacted them and received some useful information on how to solve his problem



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Call the FCC.

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Hey Guys,


I live in the south side of Lakeland (near mulberry), and have been picking up a CBer locally somewhere running a huge amp on the CB frequencies.  It obviously has no filtering as the splatter is insane, and the harmonics of it sometimes bleeds into the 17m band.  I posted a sample video here on YouTube for viewing pleasure:




Is there anything that can be done about this?  I don’t have direction finding capabilities in the 11m space so not sure exactly where he’s located.  Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks for the help!


--Chris (KO4AWN)


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