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I picked this up from the 4S QRP Folks.  There is a YouTube video of the announcement by Ray.  In it he explains that he used to sell the program for $500 and made his livelihood the last 25 years or so as a one man company.

The program has over 70,000 lines of code and he may put that in Public Domain also. This is the FULL program with all of its features. He looks to be in his 80’s and just wants to retire.

Sending him a big THANK YOU would be in order if you download the program.



Just a reminder.... as of the first of this year, Roy, W7EL has retired and has made his popular antenna modelling program freely available.
see  https://www.eznec.com/  for downloads.

Jim, N5IB

Visit:  www.zaarc.org.   👁
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