[LARC-CQ] Node to Node

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Fri Aug 16 09:35:52 PDT 2019

If you’ve never tried EchoLink, now is as good a time as any to take the
plunge. You should know by now that you can connect to the club’s repeater
via your cell phone or computer. This is only one option. There are more.
You can also connect person to person. The best way to experiment with this
is to find an EchoLink buddy; someone like you who has installed the
software on their smart phone, tablet, laptop or tower. If they have, and
are logged into the EchoLink system, you will see their call sign listed.
Most likely their call sign will show up under North America, United
States, and Area 4. When you see their call sign, double click on it and
the two of you will be connected, node to node. No repeater necessary. This
will even work if your friend decides to visit Timbuktu. Give it a try.
[image: phone.jpg]

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