[LARC-CQ] How to get an official copy of your FCC license

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Fri Aug 16 11:27:26 PDT 2019

*EchoLink requires an Official Copy of your Ham Radio License*

Need an official copy of your Ham Radio License? There are several ways to
go about this. Here is one that worked for me.

Go to

Enter your FRN number and your password followed by submit. Forgot your
password, then go through the drill.

On the next page click on Request a Duplicate, under the sidebar to the
right labeled *Work on this license.*

After you complete the application you will be emailed an *Authorization
link* that is good for 30 days. Clicking on this link will bring up an
Copy* of your license in PDF form. Note, this is not a *Reference Copy*
which can be obtained by anyone.

There is no charge for this service.


billkodak at verizon.net

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