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LARC Elections are right around the corner. We are still looking for a
Secretary. If you are reading this you passed the first hurtle for being
qualified to serve. The Secretary’s job is that of communicator. That means
listening as well as talking, reading as well as writing.

Every officer of the club adds something special while they are in office.
Members holding these positions change from time to time, and with good
reason. New blood along with fresh ideas is vital to the health of our

If you have ever considered being more than just a spectator seriously
consider becoming Secretary. Eighty percent of most jobs is just showing
up. The Secretary’s job is no different. So if you can commit to showing up
at two meetings a month give yourself 80 points. If you are a team player
and can work with your peers, give yourself 10 points. If you can take
notes and summarize in bullet form what is said in a group of your peers,
give yourself 4 more points. If you are comfortable with basic computer
skills give yourself 4 points. If you can send a group email, and are
willing to learn the mechanics of posting meeting notes on the club web
site, give yourself 2 more points. Previous board experience is helpful,
but not necessary. You will find that LARC board members work together.
They will be there for you.

So here is the deal. If any club member meets the above criteria and has a
desire to serve as Secretary, please contact Aimee or me ASAP. I think you
will find being Secretary a most rewarding experience. Please give this
some thought.

Bill Johnson

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