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In an effort to bring our election procedures more inline with our bylaws
we are making a few changes to elections as usual. The first thing you
should know is that *there will still be a paper ballot the night of the
November 4**th** meeting. No change there!*

The changes for this year are the following:


Nominations for office will be taken up to Monday October 14th. Send your
nominations to Aimee atholzer at protonmail.com Aimee heads the nomination
committee. There will be no write-ins on election night.

As of today this is where we stand. The final ballot with all nominees will
be emailed to members on the 21st of October.

President Mike Shreve

Vice President John Stanford

Treasurer Todd Rush

Secretary Open

Board Geoff Shuck, Jim Stewart, Glenn Culler, Rich Kennedy, Mathew Stevens,
Mike Oliver, Bill Johnson, David Zdanowicz, Eleanor Marshal, Dave LaFave

*Early Voting*

This year there will be early voting by e-mail. Members will receive an
e-mail on or about the 21st of October containing a link to a Google form
that contains the ballot. To vote you will be required to enter the email
address you registered with the club. You can only vote once, so if you
intend to attend the November meeting, you can still vote at that time
using a paper ballot. The deadline for early voting is October 28th.

Bill Johnson, Secretary

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