[LARC-CQ] handy wavelength chart for me, perhaps you also

Mike Oliver, KT2T m at fifo.io
Tue Jun 15 11:41:58 PDT 2021

On 2021-06-01T16:40:46-0400, Mike Oliver, KT2T wrote:
> Hi folks,
> ...
> Of course, if you find any errors in my calculations then I'd very much
> appreciate you setting me straight so that I can reshare the
> corrections.

Please see the attached update which includes more bands and a slight
modification to the formula to account for the velocity of RF in our
atmosphere (rather than the previous iteration which used the speed of
light in a vacuum). The differences are slight, but different
nonetheless. Also, this update was generated by a shell script into csv,
so I don't have a raw ODS to share (but could create one if you need

Thanks & 73,

Mike Oliver, KT2T
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